Hope you accept

There were a lot of men who texting me all the time on the social media, specially on instagram. I never give a answer, most of the time i delete the message immediately. But suddenly you whrote me, from this moment i knew something is different. As soon as i saw the message i was answering . I thought i have to know more about you. Everything seems so easy with you and so beautyful to me. Except my english, sometimes difficult to explain myself in the right way. Anyway…  It seems that you really were interested about me, maybe i just  had this impression. It was such a great time, and i felt so happy. You capture me with exactly the right words. And the most of the time you whrote me those words, while i had at the same time those words in my mind. What i just thinking about, you just texted me at the same time. Wooaaw i only had that with my best friend. First i had a doubt, but time after time when we whrote everyday and most at night too, i was so sure about to see you. And i was so happy that i knew we gonna see us soon. The fact was not that you invited me to the filmfestival in cannes, for me it was yes i gonna see you and can’t wait for that. You were the important thing for me not the place or the time. I was so exciting to meet you. I felt like 16 again. No day pass by without thinking of you. Maybe it sound a bit naiv but for me it felts right. I know its a really short time that we were texting together, but it doesn’t matter how many hours you are texting with somebody. If you got the right feeling about just let things happen. It seems that you were interesting about me, i knew that i was. But from this point now, i think you don’t care anymore, and so suddenly from one day to the other it changes so much, or maybe i’m wrong. I felt really hard for me not beeing in contact with you anymore. Its hard. I don’t know why it happens to me that from all the awsome and beautyful words you were sending me, suddenly this quitness came. It makes me upset to know that i’m not gonna meet you, that’s so sad. I wish that we could see us. After all those messages. I wish that everything could be as it stardet. But i don’t know maybe it was just a game for you, i don’t know. It felts so true from your side too. So its difficult to know what atemption you had. Maybe stupid from my side, but i really thought you were honest like i was. With you everything was so different, and felt so good. That’s why i can’t give up and try to talk to you again and begging you to give me a second chances. I never done this before. But you know i’m not a selfish woman , i never was . That’s why i like to share things with you, i know you better. That’s why i’m whriting you this letter. I mean i wished i could talk you face to face but its impossible, or maybe on the phone. But i’m sure you will not pick up the phone, so that’s why i whrote that for you. I’m really sorry for those stupid words i said to you week before. Its really not my way to talk or act to people. I would do a lot to make this better. That was really untypical for me to react like that, because i’m a really patient and wise woman. That’s why a lot of people apreciate that on me. I know its maybe not an excuse, but i had a really bad weekend before, i get beaten by a men in a club, then was near to lost some friends in the attack in belgium, i needed talk to you at that  weekend , and i couldn’t then comes that day a bit later i a really get mad thats why i get this stupid reaction. I was bit too much for me. Im sorry….You mean a lot to me, i don’t know how to explain that, maybe you think i’m crazy. Yeah you’re right sometimes i am. Anyway….

So i hope you could understand everything, if not you know you can talk to me all the time. I wish we can talk again. I really miss it.  All the time i was me, and i was honest to you.